Books for Sale

Below are listed the publications, prepared by members of the Society, which are currently available for sale.  For details on how to order any of the Society’s publications please use the contact page for the Treasurer via the contact page.

A Village Transformed: Keyworth 1750 to 1850

Published 1999, 190 pp, pb, illustrated, (plates, diagrams, maps, tables), bibliography, index
£7.50 + p&p

Keyworth Past, Keyworth Present

A photographic essay depicting the changing face of Keyworth during the 20th century.
Published 2003, 79 pp
Awaiting reprint

Keyworth 1894 – 1994: A Century of Change

Published 1994, 106 pp, pb, illustrated
Out of print

The Natural History of Keyworth

Published 2017, 40 pp, illustrated
£4.50 + p&p

The Story of Plumtree Station 1879-2017

Published 2017, 76 pp, pb
£7.00 + p&p

Mary Ward College of Education, Keyworth

Published 2016, 176 pp, pb
£7.50 + p&p

Keyworth Remembered; A Walk with Melvis Phenix

Published 2015, 52 pp, pb, illustrated
£2.50 + p&p

Village Children and the Non-Conformist Sunday Schools in Keyworth 1853-1914

Published 2013, 75 pp, illustrated
£5.00 + p&p

Keyworth Pioneers in the Canadian Prairies: a story of courage, fortitude and determination

Published 2012, 56 pp, illustrated
£2.50 + p&p

Keyworth and World War One: Those who died and those who returned

Published 2011, 164 pp, pb, illustrated
£7.00 + p&p

Potter’s Keyworth: an account of research into Keyworth’s past

Based on the work of the Rev. S.P. Potter (1859-1935)
Published 2009, 40 pp, illustrated
£2.00 + p&p